Who We Are


We are a team specializing in international shipping and logistics, eagerly united with logistics. We work in a unique environment to connect all services inside and outside the bridges of all companies and international agencies that rely on us in more than one country, Cargo Key is an innovative company such as startups, with the strength of Arab and international communications

Cargo Key is a specialized logistics provider that supplies customized, personal logistics services designed to save our clients time and money and alleviate their stress

Cargo is not a word, it is a world!!

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-      integrated professional consultant and logistics services

-      Sea, air and land shipping (FCL & LCL) to and from all over the world.

-      Weekly group trip from China, Europe and East Asia to Syria.

-      Weekly group trips from Europe, China, UAE and East Asia to Syria.

-      Land Freight from Gulf Countries, Lebanon and Jordan (FTL & LTL)

-      All our door-to-door services for all types of goods with assembly and storage services.

-      Tracking shipments and send updates periodically

-      production projects and heavy efforts

-      Shipping of hazardous materials

-      In addition to customs clearance service with customs declaration duly

When you choose Cargo Key, you collaborate with specialists in international freight forwarding and logistics services through our extensive relationships and comprehensive services of logistics, packaging, storage, shipping and customs clearance with all the facilities for customer convenience, along with shipping and tracking solutions to suit your needs

Our Mission :

Working every day to earn our customers’ trust, a familiar face, a live voice on the line, a more passionate brand of service you would expect and trust the accountability Whatever the challenge, we are led by years of experience, innovative solutions, and a team that allows us to provide the perfect logistical solution to your specific business needs, so that the confidence of contacting us reaches infinity.

Our Vision:

We can help you turn the dream into a smooth-sailing, affordable reality with an enduring vision to deliver the finest logistics and transportation service experience in the world. We promote innovation and right attitude from within, building upon our successes and promptly resolving any issues that might arise with customers; we enjoy a family culture that strives for excellence and success.

Our success keys

Integrity, credibility, Professional, Enthusiastic, Aspirational, Visionary , Flexible, Unity

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